Hey everybody, do you know what time is it?

Is time for the April Winchell Show!
And now here she is . . . Rachel Winters!

They're here!

They're new!*

They're not available anywhere else!

They're the highlight reels from 8 years of toiling in obscurity on Los Angeles radio!

*Technically, of course, this isn't new.† Itís pretty much the same crap youíve been listening to for years, but now itís packaged differently. Itís kind of the scrapple of comedy, only not as appetizing.


The point is, they're only $1 each, and I get 75Ę of that pie, so let's get going here!† These reels are easily worth that much, since all of the stammering, bullshitting and forgetting what I was going to say has been edited out for your listening pleasure, leaving you with an almost coherent stream of something resembling entertainment.